Thursday, February 10, 2011

How could FooPets be better?

The only site I can really compare FooPets to is SuperPoke Pets since that is where I now take refuge. Here are just some of the things about SuperPoke! Pets that I like.

1. You earn coins for logging in, spinning the daily wheel, playing with your friends, and recycling items that you buy, earn or grow in the garden (more on that later). You can amass coin pretty fast in this game. Coin is used to buy items in the store which are sold for coin. Not all items are sold for coin, but there is a very good selection of items that are.

2. The "premium" items in the store are sold for gold. Just like FooDollars, each gold costs 10 cents. The difference is that there are items in the store for just 8 gold! When is the last time you saw something in the FooMart for 8 FooDollars? The majority of the items run between 15 and 50 gold (1.50 to 5.00) and they give you 5 gold free when you join. If you enter valid credit card information on your profile for your store purchases, you get 25 gold free.

3. They have a release schedule for the store so you don't have to wonder when they will release the next new item. Something new is released every day, Monday thru Friday, on a schedule (12 noon Pacific time or 7PM Pacific time, depending on the day).

4. You can grow stuff! I totally love the garden. You do have to get up to level 5 before you get a garden but you move through the lower levels pretty fast. Once you have a garden (5 plots with the option to buy a second garden for gold or coin) you can buy the seeds you want and grow the items you want to decorate your habitat. Some seeds are coin, some seeds are gold, and they all have different growing times so patience is a must, especially with the gold seeds as you don't know exactly what you're going to get until the seed is done (you know what the possibilities are, but which item you end up with is a surprise).

5. Want and have lists. This is something FooPets desperately needs. How it works is easy: I can go to my home and from there I can chose which items I have that I am interested in trading. Every item that I own doesn't show up on my "Have" list, just those items that I put there. Then I can go to my "Want" list and put the items that I want to have. If I want to do some trading I can head over to the Trading Forum where people post their Want and Have lists. While browsing, SPP highlights items a user has on their list that matches mine. For instance, if I have the 2011 Tickle Me Kay Bear on my Have list, that item will be highlighted if it appears on another users Want list, making it easy to find who is looking for what I have -- or who has what I want. The highlighting appears whenever someone has my want list item in their have list as well as if someone has my have list item in their want list.

6. Trade Requests -- SPP has made it safe and easy! Once I've found someone who has something I want and/or is looking for something I have, I send a trade request and state which item on their Have list I want and which item in my inventory I am willing to trade for it. The request is sent and if it is accepted the items are automatically moved into each others inventory. No fuss and no worry about being scammed.

7. The admins are ALIVE! I actually know who the admins of SPP are and I have conversed with them! I have them in my friend list! They participate in the forums and the quests, they answer they are far from perfect and in some ways SPP's admins are lacking but at least they are a presence and they are very visible on the site and in the forums.

Up SPP makes the game of playing with an animated pet interesting enough that the players come back.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The FooPets Finagle

This blog used to be about something completely different (obviously) but now that I've figured out my login information and can get back in, I'm going to use it for a much different purpose -- helping to expose FooPets.

If you don't recognize my username from FooPets its because this is not my username at FooPets. Let them just try to figure out who I am! No, it's not out of fear, it's because I've had this blog since before there even was a FooPets so obviously the username is different.

Will be hopefully posting soon!